Charlie Newman

Charlie Newman
Lynnwood, WA

Here are a few notes on what has happened to me over the last 50 years.

I married Janel Johnson (North polk Class of ’70) in December of 1971. We spent the ’70’s having kids and by the end of 1979 we ended up with four (two girls and two boys). In between having kids we built two houses in Alleman Country Estates (great place to try to raise kids). We moved to Settle, WA area in 1984 and still live in the same house we purchased when we moved here. Our girls have stayed in the Seattle area, but our boys have both migrated South and live in Grants Pass (Southern OR). We are the proud grandparents of four grandkids. Lucas (our oldest) will be 22 in October, Emma is 15, Kaylee is 13 & Jaxon will be 4 in October. Fortunately all of the grandkids live in Grants Pass, so when we go visit we can all be together. All of our kids are doing well….everyone is employed and no one is in jail.

Now that we’re retired, we spend about 9 months in the Seattle area and 3 months in Mazatlan, MX. We purchased a 3 bedroom condo on the beach about 14 years ago and can now finally enjoy it more than just a few weeks a year. We also love to travel…one of our favorite trips was going to Normandy for the 75th anniversary of D day….that is the way to learn history. (Sorry Mr. Whitmore). We spent a few days in Paris and the rest of the time was meandering through the country side and small villages, tracing the historical events following the invasion.

That is probably more info than most really care to know, but the bottom line is we have had a very blessed life and I am proud of our Midwest (Central Iowa) heritage. It is true…there’s no place like home.