Karen Graue Krause

Karen Graue Krause
Branson West, MO

A lot has happened in the 50 +1 years since we graduated. Life hasn’t always gone like I expected but it has never been dull.

I live in the beautiful Ozarks close to Branson, MO. My husband Jim and I have been married 15 years. We met on E-Harmony. We have 5 kids and 5 grandkids with another on the way. We are blessed. The kids live in Chicago, Ames and Tampa, FL.

I worked most of my career for the USDA in Ames at a regulatory agency for animal vaccines. I finished my stint at the VA in North Chicago. I retired 14 years ago. My husband is a self-employed accountant and loves his clients. I helped as needed in property management. Now I do some IT and other duties as assigned.

We love living here with the milder winters. We like to golf and have many choices for entertainment and
activities. I love to quilt (and shop). We look forward to traveling again to warm beaches.