Keith Larwick

Keith Larwick
Golden, CO

How fast the time has moved from ignorance of youth, to a progression of knowledge and experience, to a wealth of wisdom-making the time left a time for the enjoyment of all the rewards life has offered through good times and hard times.

My life since high school, some 50+1 years ago, has offered good health, higher education, successful businesses, extensive international travel, 40 years of marriage, 3 children, two grandchildren and extended family and friends all initiating from Iowa’s deep roots of community and education. My wife, Tara, and I currently live in Golden, CO. Two of our children, Justin and Erin live in Colorado and the third, Lindsey, lives in Calgary. We are proud parents and, of course, cherish our time spent with them-especially our two grandchildren.

We have both retired but continue our efforts to stay busy. Tara works for a non-profit business enterprise, NASPO, and I am currently splitting our Golden property and playing real estate developer. We get heavier and that means we’re staying happy in our older age bracket because we do less physically with a lot more effort.

Our hopes are for all of our friends to look back and forward with no regrets and see the many hopes yet to come in life’s maturing.

I have included a picture of 10 years ago, the last time my family and I were in Ames, IA. We are looking forward to seeing old classmates and in my case an old twin brother and his family. As for my experiences with the Covid 19 and its plan-ddmic. Our world got smaller and like everyone else became mis-informed or un-informed by choice or necessity of trying to stay relevant in a changing demography. I was in China (99-2000) investigating the original avian SARS and Covid 02 virus outbreaks back when it all started; seems so long ago now that it is Covid 19.


(If anyone is old and unhealthy, you should get the vaccine, if you are healthy, you have probably already been infected, caught the virus and recovered in the last 18 months.)