Merle Brendeland

Merle Brendeland
Huxley, IA

Merle Brendeland mini bio
After graduation from Ballard HS attended ISU in Ames. My first “rea”l job was working for an ag chemical company on the far east side of DSM. Upon seeing an opportunity to find better employment, I secured a job with an electronics manufacturing company (Bourns Inc) in Ames. This was only after the first two applicants turned the job down and I was the only remaining applicant. At that time I had no idea about purchasing other than the needed ability to pick the lowest of three bids and award the order to that company. Subsequently became employed in hydraulics, automotive and force measurement industries.

That was the start of a thirty plus year experience in the purchasing business.Because of that opportunity, I had the opportunity to live in Southern CA, MN, Shanghai and Taipei. That career allowed me to travel to over 35 countries and 49 states.

I have three children who live in Slater, Ankeny and Denver. So far, they have provided 4 grandchildren with a high probability of additions in the future.

Interesting that my grandchildren will become the 4th generation of the Brendeland family to graduate from the Huxley/Ballard school system. Currently I am engaged in part time farming activities and operate my own sawmill to supplement my woodworking business. My largest woodworking clients are immediate family members who appreciate the no-pay plan.

Seems like only recently we were walking down the center of the gym floor in our red gowns and all had aspirations and inspiration for the future.