Classmate Biographies – Class Booklet

Below is a listing of our classmates, many with biographies and photos.  We welcome all classmates to participate with bios and photos, so contact us if you would like to add your bio to this list (or edit an existing bio). It would be great to have 100% participation

Those names with a * indicate no bio is available, and those names with MIA (Missing In Action) are classmates where we don’t have current contact information.  If you know how to reach any of these classmates who are listed as MIA, please contact us so we can update our records and contact them.

Click on classmates name to view their biography and photos

Cheryl (Accola) Tomlinson *

Kerstin Elizabet Appelgren

Barbara (Bennett) Schmoll

Donald Blaskovich * MIA

Craig Bower

Merle Brendeland

Gloria (Carlson) Anderson *

Jane (Crouch) Hagge *

Patty (Dickerson) Roe

Susan (Dougherty) Williams * MIA

Greg Dunlap

Linda Franklin

Joe Franksain

Brian Gardner

Roger Gardner * MIA

Doug Gragert *

Karen (Graue) Krause

Dave Grulke

Layne (Guss) Rahbar

Tresa (Haynes) Garr

Janet (Hutchins) Rohrbough*

Vicky (Johnson) Herman

Richard Ihle

Doug Jones

Ron Kinyon *

Robert Klonglan

Lettie (Knox) Banuelos

Lois (Kooyman) Bartel *

Keith Larwick

Ken Larwick

Debra (Maland) Andrews

Dennis McCauley

Diana (Meyer) Harris

Candace (Miller) Callaway * MIA

Patricia Moore

Ken Murry

Charlie Newman

Jacki O’Donnell

JoAnne (Oliver) Lopez

Virginia (Pinta) Seliger * MIA

Patricia (Ray) Barker

Sharon (Rench) Nash * MIA

Susan (Rogers) Niehoff

Charlie Ryen

Tom Sandve * MIA

Barbara (Schaudt) Kahler

Brenda (Severson) Thompson

Debbie Steensland

Steve Thompson

Linda (Thornwall) Grulke

Jeanne (Tyler) Shimomura

Rondi (Veland) Gardner

Paul West

Jeane (Wittick) Pearson

Mike Zenor *

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